Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yea. I've done a lot in the last few days... which has led me to spend too much time editing and haven't taken the time to post about it.


The list is now 147 items long. 24 are currently completed, at least a few more are partially so. Logos! Logos. You'll notice those in the links on the side... they're also at the tops of the various sites. I also have the logo(s) ready to go for the "mystery" future new shop. I'll talk more about that when I actually get around to putting together some designs for it. I'll "launch" it once I have 2 or 3 ready to go.

Still plenty more to do though. Need to dig up the old Wearable Wares logo to use in various places, but I'll get around to it. Plan to use it as a logo for this site too. All in good time. Anyway, links and logos up, hopefully it'll help get the search engines noticing.

Also, posting is being done at the Tees I Dig and Clothe The Kiddos blogs, so feel free to check those out.

High on the "to do" list:

- a few designs to get the new shop going
- finish web design and get posts ready for the official launch of The Sketchies Universe web comic site
- finish logoing

Woohoo! Or something.


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